Landscape Maintenance

New Day Arborist have serviced the Southwest Washington area since 1999 with our clients, the plant material, and the landscape needs in mind. From proper treatment of landscape turf and shrubs to safe and professional pruning, we pride ourselves on our ability to balance our clients’ needs with that of the existing urban landscape.  Our goal is to create a healthy and vibrant outdoor space for our clients to enjoy.  We understand that your landscape is an important investment for your home or business.  Our work reflects that understanding as we maintain your outdoor space with pride and care.


Irrigation is a vital part of your landscape needs.  Our goal is to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant during those warm months, while keeping an eye on the water budget.  Managing water consumption on a property takes a keen eye, knowledge of plant needs, and experience.  We will help reduce excess water consumption while protecting the investment you have in your landscape.  We perform checks on the irrigation system every spring to ensure everything is working properly for the upcoming watering season, and ensure the system is ready for the winter by properly preparing the system in the fall.  We are able to take care of any repairs that come up during these times.

In addition to water concerns of turf and shrubs we have a great understanding of the water needs of trees as well. New Day Maintenance is operated by ISA Certified Arborists.  We know a thing or two about trees.  We will help provide informed watering schedules based on the emphasis you want for your yard.    By doing this we will create an ideal growing site for the trees and ensured their long term success in the landscape.

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Residential and Commercial

Big or small we want to provide you with quality service.  With over 30 years landscape maintenance experience and 16 of those years in SW Washington we have the ability to fit your needs.  With experience ranging from single family homes on 1/4 of an acre, to 550 unit apartment complexes on 50 acres, we have worked in almost all scenarios.  The goal we have is to show each and every client the same amount of quality work.  Regardless of size, customer service and happiness is our number one goal.

Our Landscape Technicians

New Day Arborist strives to provide you with the most professional service we can.  Our landscape technicians conduct themselves in an equally professional manner.  Our employees take pride in treating your business or home as professionally as possible, cleaning  and ensuring each stage of work is taken care of before moving on.

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A well maintained lawn and well kept landscape of a large white house

Gorgeous flowers, landscaping, and tree service at a large white house.