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Garrett Day evaluating the risk of a treeYour trees are some of the most valuable elements within your landscape and in order to make the proper decisions about their care you need accurate and detailed facts to work with. That is why we specialize in providing you with the most accurate and informative tree diagnostic services available.

We provide various reports for properly diagnosing the health of your trees, including tree risk assessments, sonic tomography, tree appraisals, tree preservation reports, and tree inventories.

New Day Arborist & Tree Service is excited to service all Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, Ridgefield, La Center, Battle Ground, and Camas!

What is Tree Diagnostics?

Analyzing living trees to assess their state of health and wellness is the process that we call tree diagnostics.

When you notice that your tree looks a little different than it did last year and not in a good way, it might be time to give us a call.

Signs Your Tree Might Need Help

Trees add a tremendous amount of curb appeal to a property, whether commercial or residential. It’s hard to replace them without waiting a long time for regrowth, so having them assessed with a tree diagnostic report can often save the life of the tree and prevent costly removal and replacement costs.

Sometimes people notice that their leaves aren’t as green as last year; other times, people will see pest damage on the tree’s foliage or stem/trunk.

Here’s a list of issues to look out for that might indicate your tree needs a professional to run a diagnostic report on it:

  • Overabundance of bugs
  • Holes or sap around the trunk or branches
  • Presence of fungus/mushrooms on tree
  • Loss of limbs
  • Loss of foliage
  • Discoloration of foliage
  • New lean in tree
  • Damage to trunk or limbs
  • Any significant change

Tree Diagnostics to Save Trees

We can diagnose a wide variety of issues in trees, from soil deficiencies to tree diseases and even insect infestations. Not only are we equipped to determine the cause of tree illness and potential failure, but we are also prepared to treat those issues, which often result in saving the life of the tree.

Tree diagnostic services we offer:

  • Insect/arthropod identification and treatment
  • Plant health and issue assessment
  • Plant identification
  • Tree structure identification
  • Plant identification
  • Soil drainage assessment
  • Soil compaction analysis and treatment

We employ some of the top arborists in the region because we are passionate about trees and giving our customers top-notch service! Our goal is to arm our clients with the knowledge they need to make an educated decision on how to save their trees, and give them treatment options that fit their budget.



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