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New Day Arborist & Tree Service removing a Large Douglas Fir in Vancouver WARemoving a tree in Vancouver, WA is no small chore, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you should leave it to professionals like New Day Arborist & Tree Service. Removing a tree can sound simple and easy, but trust us, it’s actually quite dangerous. If you have a tree or several trees that you would like to have removed, contact us today at (360) 887-6955 and we will be happy to safely remove your tree and it’s stump!

The Dangers of Tree Removal

Firstly, trees are quite large and very heavy. When a tree is cut down there is a lot of kinetic energy behind many tons of dead weight, which can easily destroy property and end lives. Anyone attempting to remove a tree should have a very good idea of the process behind safely removing a tree. Anyone removing a tree should also be supervised by at least a few other people who can asses the situation from different angles and vantages.

At New Day Arborist & Tree Service we always have several employees watching out for each other and the public, because the safety of property and life is our top concern. All of our employees are highly trained and well-versed in the safe removal of trees. It’s all a part of providing the best tree service in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area.

Another danger inherent in removing trees is the tools required to do the job. Manual saws are quite sharp and require plenty of physical stamina and strength to control for long periods of time. Chainsaws are one of the most dangerous handheld tools that a person can wield, so it is very important that any chainsaw user understand the safe and proper use of the chainsaw before attempting to use one.

New Day Arborist Removing a Hazard TreeIs it a Hazard Tree?

Hazard trees are particularly dangerous as they stand, but when trying to remove one there is an added layer of danger to an already spooky scenario. We recommend that anyone who wants a tree removed should call a professional tree service or arborist to do the job and when it comes to hazard trees, that goes double.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to remove hazard trees, plus we have the experience and manpower to do it safely. Don’t ever risk your life or property to remove a tree, just contact us today at (360) 887-6955 and we will be happy to help.

Clean Up and Removal of Trees

Not only do we remove unwanted and dangerous trees, but we also chip them up and give you the option to keep the chips or have them hauled away! Arborist chips provide valuable nutrients to your plant beds, restoring carbon and decaying plant matter to the soil. Additionally, arbor chips are a handsome and natural looking alternative to uniform bark dust.

If you don’t want firewood or the arbor chips, we will gladly haul them off and make sure that we clean up any mess that is made during the removal of the tree or trees.

For an additional cost, we also offer stump removal, which gets rid of the eyesore and tripping hazard caused by tree stumps. All part of providing the best tree service in Vancouver, WA!

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