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How to create a defensible space around your property

Here in Southwest Washington, many of us live in a zone that is known as a Wildland Urban Interface, which is a transition zone between human development and unoccupied land. Damage to private property from wildland fires has been steadily on the rise for the last four decades. We understand that you want to keep your home and business safe from wildfires, and it’s of top-most concern to us as well. New Day Arborist & Tree Service are experts in the Clark, Cowlitz, and Skamania County defensible space requirements.

We look to provide you with a clean and debris free space around your buildings and defensible assets. Our goal is to remove dead branches, duff, needles, pine cones, and other flammable vegetations from your yard in a manner that will keep you and your family safe from wildfire potential.

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Defensible Space Services

  • Clearing roofs and gutters of debris
  • Removal of all dead plants
  • Grass cut to a height of 6 in. or less
  • Removal of lower branches
  • Thinning extremely dense tree covers
  • Continuous brush broken up or removed
  • Dead tree removal
  • Bug infestation removal
  • Clean up and haul away of dry and flammable vegetation between ½ in. and 12 in. in diameter
  • Trim trees to be at least 15’ away from chimney
  • Nuisance firewood and lumber removal
  • All propane tanks given 10’ of clearance
  • Tree limbs removed within 15’ of structures
  • Pine needles and duff removed within 100’ of structures

Tree Pruning

Trees should be pruned of low hanging branches to prevent “fire ladder” burning. As a rule, we remove limbs on mature trees that are 10 feet up from the ground and make sure that they are at least 30 feet away from your house. Dead-limbing your trees via annual checkup is another vital part of developing a safe and defensible space around your home. Removing dead limbs from within the canopy of the tree is critical to wildfire abatement.

Annual tree pruning by New Day Arborist & Tree Service helps to:

  • Increase the safe space around your home in case of wildfire
  • Gives your home and assets a chance to survive a wildfire
  • Gives you a better view and your home more curb appeal
  • Improves the health of your trees

New Day Arborist considering a defensible fire spaceDeadwood Removal

Deadwood is a term that we use to describe areas within a tree or shrub that contains, you guessed it, dead wood. Dead wood within trees and shrubs can be a serious fire risk and should be removed to help maintain your defensible space. It’s important to get a experts opinion on certain trees and shrubs on your property that are either dead, disease, or bug-infested. Sometimes we can save the tree, other times we will recommend removing it.

Tree Spacing

One aspect of landscape design that is often overlooked is proper spacing of trees and shrubs. When developing a landscape plan for your property, make sure to take into account what the sizes of your shrubs and tree will be 10-50 years from now and space them out accordingly.

Areas We Service

  • Clark County
  • Cowlitz County
  • Skamania County
  • Multnomah County
  • Washington County
  • Battleground
  • Vancouver
  • Ridgefield
  • Brush Prarie
  • Hockinson
  • La Center
  • Woodland
  • Camas
  • Washougal
  • Heritage

What Can You Do To Keep Your Home Safe From Wildland Fire?

There are several steps that you can take to keep your house safe from encroaching wildfire. First, give us a call at 360-887-6955 and setup a complimentary estimate with our expert arborists.

Some things that you can do to be ready for a scenario where you might need to defend your home include:

  • Keep your woodpile 30 feet from all structures
  • Keep your grass green during the dry months
  • Keep 100 feet of garden hose attached to all spigots
  • Keep your chimney clean
  • Install a spark arrester in your chimney
  • Keep shovels and other fire tools available
  • Avoid fire pits and outdoor burning during dry months
  • Keep driveway accessible to emergency services and allow them a turn-around area
  • Keep yard free of flammable debris

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