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If you currently have a hazardous or unwanted tree on your property, New Day Arborist can help! Our family-owned company prides itself on providing our community with mindful, safe, and effective tree care services. Whether you want us to plant a tree or remove one, you’ve come to the right place.

Hazardous and Unwanted Trees

While trees are undoubtingly beautiful, and can drastically improve the value of your home or property, they aren’t without their risks. That’s why we suggest having a large tree assessed somewhat regularly, especially after a weather event or incident. Severe weather can affect a tree’s structure and possibly destabilize it.  

According to the USDA Forest Service, hazardous trees include dead or dying trees, alive trees with dead parts, and trees with structural defects that are within striking distance of people or property. In other words, if the tree has the potential to cause injury, property damage, or death after failure, it needs to be removed.

The second reason for tree removal is if you have an unwanted tree on your property. This can include trees that block a view or disrupt the flow of foot traffic. Whatever the reason, your large tree removal should be done using the latest technology and proven techniques for a safer, more successful experience.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

As you can probably guess, crane assisted tree removal involves hiring a professional company like New Day Arborist. Removing trees with the assistance of a crane is usually the ideal way to get it done. More traditional tactics often prove to be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly.

Removing a large tree with traditional tactics usually requires complex rigs, tools that help us lower the tree while avoiding obstacles on your property. Using a crane virtually eliminates these issues. Cranes enable us to reduce removal times and minimize the risk of the potential impact on the tree’s surroundings. In the end, it helps save you money!

New Day Arborist Removing a Large treeRemoving a Large Tree from Tight Spaces

Removing large trees can be a challenge regardless of their location. Without the help of an arborist expert, it can even be disastrous. As experts, removing large trees from tight spaces is a standard service we provide, meaning you can rest assured knowing it’ll get done safely.

There are a few options for tight spaces, but at the top of the list is crane assistance. Those looking for a more affordable option can hire a tree climber, who will cut the tree down, piece by piece. An experienced climbing team can remove the most massive trees from the tightest spaces.

The final option is known as a Nifty Lift or Tracked Lift, a multi-purpose tool that can be used for removals and pruning. Pruning your tree regularly, especially in tight spaces, can help ensure the surrounding people and property remain safe from injury or damage. Pruning can be particularly helpful for people that enjoy the tree and would like to keep it.

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Above all else, it’s important to note that removing a large tree is a serious undertaking and should be left to a professional. If you are interested in learning more about our tree removals or you would like a complimentary quote, please call  360-887-6955 now!

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