Plant Health Care

tree-healthI have been in this business since 1968, starting in the nursery industry, then landscape contractor, landscape maintenance and arborist. I have come to see that in some cases, the understanding of the relationships between the plant material and environment, (including hardscape) is easy. In others it takes a combination of art and science to interpret the signs and symptoms I am looking at. Monitoring is the mainstay of plant health care, which means anticipating the problems and in most cases changing the cultural practices. It is very important to form a relationship with a company like ours to interpret and recommend changes to the landscape spaces that you manage.
We are licensed commercial pesticide applicators in Washington and Oregon, but prefer to come up with cultural solutions before chemical treatments.
We consider many factors including:

  1. Individual plant vitality
  2. Vigor of the species
  3. Susceptibility to disease
  4. Structural integrity
  5. Hardscape constraints

Our job is to intervene before the plant goes from a stressful condition to total dysfunction, or death.

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Tree Tips
  • Correct diagnosis is the first and most important step in quality tree care