Tree Support Systems

tree support systemsA tree that has been properly pruned and taken care of its whole life may never need a support system in place. However, the number of trees that have had proper care since they were planted is very low. Large mature trees often have multiple stems, branches, or shapes that they may not have grown if they’d had proper care. In some of these cases, the integrity of the trunk or branch connections are weaker than we would like to have near structures and people.

Tree support systems help give more strength to stems and branches that may be too large, or too important to the shape to remove.

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New Day Arborist can help determine if your tree is in need of a support system, determine the proper system for your tree, and install it. We work towards the end goal for people to safely enjoy their green assets without worry of damage to themselves or their property. A tree support system can increase the safety of your tree and let you continue to enjoy the beauty it brings to your yard.

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  • Trees can add a considerable amount of value to your property with expert tree care.