Sonic Tomography


Introducing Sonic Tomography

Sonic Tomography sets a new standard in tree diagnostics, allowing arborists to more accurately inspect the safety of hazardous trees and reveal the quality of wood. Technologically advanced and scientifically precise, sonic tomography is the 21st century tool that will take arbor care to a higher level of precision and quality.

How Sonic Tomography Reveals Decay:

  • A dozen or more sensors are placed around the perimeter of a tree trunk
  • Sensors transmit and receive sound impulses
  • Special software calculates the measured values and coverts them onto a colored chart
  • Damaged areas appear in red; somewhat damaged in yellow; intact areas in green
  • Reveals hidden decay, invisible cavities and cracks

New Day Arborist is excited to bring this quick, accurate, non-invasive tool to the Southwest Washington-Northwest Oregon, and is currently the only arborist offering sonic tomography in the region.

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More Accurate Information for Better Risk Assessment

Whether you’re an arborist, landscaper or contractor, or you manage land or forests for a private or public establishment, if it’s your job to assess the risk of trees or other round wood, the better information you receive, the better decisions you can make.

When you suspect or detect decay, you must then determine what action to take. Analyzing structural weakness caused by decay has always been difficult and often involves a certain amount of guesswork. How do you eliminate uncertainty and gain confidence in your decisions?

Consult with New Day Arborist and learn how the use of sonic tomography gives you the most accurate picture of the extent of decay, which leads to scientifically based measurements of strength loss, and the best information available to assess the risk of a tree.

New Day Arborist will help you:

  • Accurately identify the problem
  • Determine what measures to take (pruning, canopy reduction, removal, etc.)
  • Offer or recommend affordable care
  • Coordinate the plan of action

Benefits of Sonic Tomography

Sonic tomography reveals the internal condition of a tree throughout a vast portion of the stem. By better understanding the structural integrity of a tree, you have a more accurate sense of the level of risk the tree represents, and can determine the best course of action to take.

Benefits for public and private tree management are significant. The information provided through sonic tomography allows you to:

  • Prioritize trees based on risk level
  • Avoid unnecessary felling of low risk trees
  • Avoid accidents by removing high risk trees
  • Streamline workflow and increase efficiency of employees
  • Save money by preventing unnecessary removal of trees
  • Protect the equity trees add to an environment

Receive Better Data with Sonic Tomography for About the Same Cost

Until now, the most accurate diagnostic tool for arborists has been the resistograph, a drill-like tool that bores holes into a tree to measure the density of the wood and produces a graph printout for analysis. Compared to the Resistograph tool, advantages of Sonic Tomography include:

  • Less invasive: Sensors are placed using small pins to avoid drilling deep holes, which can introduce pathogens
  • More accurate: Sound waves measure wood density and create a precise picture of structural integrity
  • More information: Instead of receiving data from a small sliver of a tree, you get an accurate view of the entire stem
  • Budget smart: Avoid wasting a limited budget on tree removal due to faulty risk assessment
  • Saves resources: Get the most life and use from trees
  • Cost effective: Analyzing a tree using sonic tomography currently costs about the same as using the less-accurate Resistograph

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